About Us

Thank you for visiting our shop. My name is Gizmo (left) and this is my half-sister Mac. We are from the Netherlands and we are both adopted.
We are the brain behind Frenchie Bullshop. I actually buy all the products and design them. And Mac... well.. She is the model and the showgirl!
In the past, a few years ago, we lived together. But we couldn’t get along. I did not like it that I had to share the attention with my half-sister. So Mac decided to go live with grandma.
Now we are back to being friends again and now we play and walk together a couple times a week. And of course we have our brainstormsessions together. This is the result of it all! Great, fun, products for Frenchies and their owners.
Paw from Gizmo and Mac 🐾